Osheaga 2010 recap

Osheaga 2010 recap

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It was only four years ago when the first Osheaga music festival took place but it has quickly become one of the biggest music events in Montreal. Following the success of this year's HeavyMTL, Warped Tour and Montreal Jazz Fest, the fifth installment of Osheaga was headlined by Arcade Fire on Saturday and Weezer on Sunday. Over fifty bands played on five stages while over fifty thousand music fans cheered on. We were there and snapped over 850 pictures of the festival. Here are our thoughts on some of the key bands from Osheaga 2010.


Stephen Malkmus grabbed the mic and began with "We are Pavement. Welcome. It's 1996 all over again". The nostalgic crowd cheered on as Pavement brought their music out of retirement and played as if they had never stopped. Everything went well until a douche tossed a plastic cup filled with beer and hit the Stephen in the face. Being a veteran, the singer finished the song mostly unfazed and whispered "good shot" into the mic when he was done. The "fan" was called out and booed heavily. Beer tossing aside, Pavement played a solid set with some small changes in the musical arrangement for a few songs. The crowd sang along to Cut Your Hair and Grounded which brought Stephen's smile back.

Arcade Fire

Headlining day one of the event, Arcade Fire came out and quickly began with Ready To Start from The Suburbs. We were lucky enough to be the first crowd to hear some of their new songs live. They didn't reveal all the goods and even omitted the self-titled track. The crowd was really into the show and most failed to notice the extravagant firework display that the city was hosting just past the right side of the stage. The event was a giant step for Arcade Fire as they left behind their mid-card status and leaped directly into headlining a music festival in front of their hometown (Some of the members are, ironically, from Montreal suburbs). They finished up with Wake Up which you can check out below.


It's pretty hard not to enjoy a live Metric performance. Emily Haines has an incredible stage presence and manages to draw the crowd in every time. I'll confess, I had a hard time leaving my spot in the front and missed out on seeing Devo who was playing on the solar powered green stage. Their set was very similar to the last time I saw them live in Montreal which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They closed up with a very intimate acoustic rendition of Combat Baby which I've posted below.



It had been a long time since Montreal had seen the likes of Weezer.The last time the band was in town, they were still fairly unknown and when the crowd demanded an encore, Weezer had no songs left to play. Rivers Cuomo began the night by apologizing and assuring the fans that there will be an encore this time. When he wasn't singing their classics on stage, Rivers showed off his rudimentary french skills, hit a few giant balls with his guitar, smashed some ukuleles, climbed into the bleachers, ran to the empty stage, stole a few baseball caps from the crowd and played covers from Lady Gaga and MGMT. To say that Weezer entertained the fans would be an understatement. Let us hope that the next time they come to Montreal, it won't be in a decade from now.

That's all folks!

Osheaga Finale

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