Down With Webster Interview

UpVenue had the chance to chat backstage with Bucky and Cam from Down With Webster

Before their sold out show at Club Soda in Montreal, UpVenue had the chance to chat with Bucky and Cam from Down With Webster. We talked about everything from tour life, writing music and...Muppets? Yup, check out the interview to see how it came up.

UV: Hello, could you introduce yourselves for us?

Bucky: Hi, I’m Bucky from Down With Webster.
Cam: And I’m Cam, from Down With Webster, I’m not some random guy who just walked off the street, I promise.

UV: How would you describe your sound for people that haven’t heard of you guys before?

Cam: Ooh, I wouldn’t even try to describe it, we’ve tried it before and failed miserably, so I just play them the music.
Bucky: It’s one of those questions we always get asked, but still to this day we can’t answer.
Cam: It’s hard. It’s a lot of things.

UV: Can you name a few of those things?

Cam: The obvious ones are hip hop, rock, electronic, pop...
Bucky: See, we’ve already got four right there.

UV: So with your album, you split it into two parts, Time To Win: Part One is out now. How come you decided to do that?

Bucky: When we chose to do that, it was one of those things where we wanted to get as much music out there as we could constantly, instead of having to wait a whole two to three years before we put another one out. It’s going to be about a year since we put our last one out, we’ll try to get the other one out within the year.
Cam: It probably would have been out a lot sooner, but the first one did a lot better than we expected, and a lot of other people expected and as a result, it gets pushed back as we shoot more videos. As a result, the new one probably won’t be out until the New Year, but the original concept was they would be maybe six months apart, but things have taken a different turn.

UV: Like more tours being added

Cam: Yeah, which is good because it means it's doing well.

UV: The next tour is going to be with 3OH!3. Are you guys excited about that?

Cam: Yeah, very much so.
Bucky: They’re our boys. We’ve been fans ever since we saw them on Warped Tour, not last year but the year before.
Cam: They know how to party, and they are super chill guys. We’ve hung out with them a bunch, so it’s not a weird thing where it’s like, “oh, I don’t know, will they be cool - what are we getting into?"
Bucky: They know our music, we know theirs.
Cam:  We have to be living with them for basically 40 days. They’re cool guys and we’re glad to be going out with them.

UV: So what’s your favourite part about touring?

Bucky: The shows, it’s always the shows.
Cam: Or the bus. I love living on the bus. Our bus is great. I love our bus. I know it sounds weird, but I do
Bucky: It’s like a Roman club house with all your friends on it. We have video games, and movies. We even have the ability to make music on the bus so we just like...
Cam: Yeah, we have the portable studio, its good. You wake up everyday with purpose, and you’re in a new place. It’s really cool. I get off tour and I’m back in my house, and I’m like, what am I doing today?

UV: When you are writing songs, because there are seven of you, how hard is it to express yourself and have your ideas heard?

Bucky: Because we’re really all such good friends, nobody ever feels embarrassed or shy about putting out whatever they have on the table. The good thing about that is because there are seven heads; if we can get seven people to agree that something is a good idea, then it’s probably a good idea.
Cam: Yeah totally. And if it’s a bad idea, we just shoot it down.

UV: So what is the writing process like?

Cam: One person will have the core sort of idea and bring it to the table, and it could be a simple idea, or it could be a keyboard line or a pattern that someone made, and if we like the core idea, we’ll sit down and...
Bucky: and brainstorm
Cam: We’ve been doing it for so long that everyone sort of knows what it is they do. Like everyone knows what it is they do on a song. Like I know that I won’t be singing in a high falsetto voice or do a guitar solo, because that isn’t what I do. It’s easier once you have a sort of formula of what your role is, and that doesn’t mean that roles can’t change in the future.

UV: Right, because you always want to keep evolving.

Cam: Right, so maybe I’ll be singing in a high falsetto voice, you never know. Bucky will be drumming
Bucky: And maybe I’ll play the sitar.
Cam: Yeah, who knows? As long as it sounds good.

UV: With the upcoming tour with 3OH!3, are there any venues that you want to play, that you haven’t played?

Cam: This tour with 3OH!3, we’re actually playing a lot of places we’ve never played before. They were just out on tour, this one is the secondary markets tour, so it’s the places near big cities, but just outside. So it would be the equivalent of say, instead of playing Toronto, we would play Mississauga, so it’s a whole bunch of places we’ve never played before.
Bucky: We are playing a House of Blues show, and every time we play those, they’re my favourite venues to play.
Cam: Vegas, I’m pumped for Vegas.
Bucky: I’ve never been there before, I’m putting all my money on red and we’ll see what happens.

UV: Just red, no lucky numbers?

Cam: no, 50/50 is good.

UV: What if it goes on double zero?

Cam; right, so it’s not technically 50.
Bucky: ok, so I’ll put half on red and half… oh you see now I’m confused... I had a plan... and now.
Cam: It’s a good plan.

UV: With the tour, can we expect any collaborations? I know with 7 of you, it’s already crowded on stage…

Cam: oh you mean live?

UV: yeah

Bucky: We’ll see what happens.
Cam: Ty has been known to jump on stage with 3OH!3, so we’ll see what happens. It may be the obvious collaboration since we’ll be backstage. You never know.

UV: Who would you consider to be your musical influences?

Cam: I think everyone in our band would give a different answer, but since me and Bucky are here, we’ll tell you ours.
Bucky: Mine would probably be my family, because I was brought up in a musical family, and come to think of it, Sesame Street. You see all those songs…
Cam: That was a musical show.
Bucky: Yeah, it was super musical, and I would watch and be like, I want to be a Muppet singing!
Cam: Wow!
Bucky: Yeah, that was a weird quote.
Cam: And here you are.
Bucky: Hey, dream come true.
Cam: I’d probably say my influences, on the rock side of stuff, I’d say Rage Against the Machine is a big influence, I grew up listening to Green Day and early pop punk stuff. Obviously, I’m big into rap, so I was into Busta Rymes and Wu Tang Clan, Jay Z and Eminem. So I would say them.

UV: Have you had the chance to meet any of them?

Cam: I didn’t name him in this one because the list is too long, but we had the chance to meet Timbaland.
Bucky: Yeah, he’s one of mine.
Cam: We actually got to sit in the studio with him and watch him make some stuff. It was really cool and very surreal.

UV: How did that come about?

Cam: Our executive producer is his sound engineer/right hand man, so he brought us down to Miami to record some stuff, and he would come by the studio. He ended up staying for like seven hours just hanging out and doing his stuff. It was cool.
Bucky: He brought us Krispy Kremes, it was awesome.

UV: Can we expect any future collaboration with him

Cam: We’re trying to. He’s a really busy guy, obviously, we’d love to collaborate with him. He’s said some really good things about our band and he seems really into it, but again, when you’re trying to work with people who have Justin Timberlake begging them and Katy Perry begging them and everyone in the world…
Bucky: Plus the seven things you’re already doing..
Cam: Which one are you going to do? It’s also a matter of timing and scheduling and what’s happening, so if this does align and it works out, then it will. If it doesn’t, then I’m sure they’ll be time in the future

UV: And what does the future hold for Down With Webster?

Cam: Everything. If you had asked me a year ago if I’d be playing a sold out show in Montreal, I probably would not have believed you. We don’t know what will happen next year, we’ll just have to wait and see.

UV: Alright, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us.

Cam: Thank you.

Special thanks to Universal Music, and to Down With Webster for taking the time to talk with us. For more information on Down With Webster, visit their official site

Also, check out our Down With Webster photo gallery here.

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