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Papa Roach talks about Time for Annihilation, their next album, tour pranks, and much more

From their triple-platinum debut, Infest, to their most recent offering, Time For Annihilation, Papa Roach continues to grow, experiment, and infuse raw emotion into their music. Last Wednesday, Papa Roach performed at Metropolis in Montreal in support of their cross Canada Jagermeister Music Tour. Before the show, we were invited onto Papa Roach's tour bus for a quick chat. We spoke with Tobin Esperance, bassist, about Time for Annihilation, Papa Roach fans, Tobin's top five albums of all time, pranks on My Darkest Days, and much more.

Time for Annihilation features old and new tracks, as well as live and studio recordings. During our interview, Tobin explained where the idea to merge these styles came from:

"It was really just the end of a decade of Papa Roach. We put out five major label, full-length records, and we were transitioning from a major label, going independent, and we wanted to do something different, you know? Just to kind of help in the transition. And we'd always talked about doing a live record, and it turned into 'let's add a couple of bonus songs,' and new songs, or whatever. And then, it turned into 'how about five new ones?'[...] And it just evolved into this thing, and now it's half live, half new songs and it's kind of the past and present of Papa Roach, and I think it's a good representation and a good reminder of what this band's about, [...] and it gives you a look at where our sound can go."

Papa Roach is quite active on their Twitter account, where they interact with fans regularly. But is there one designated Tweeter, or do they all chip in?

"Yeah. Jerry and Jacoby. Totally not my thing, Tony not so much either. Jerry and Jacoby are good about that, and they keep in touch with the fans. [...] I'm a little bit more mysterious; I kind of stick to the writing of the music, and everything else."

Recently, on their official website, the band has begun to release Top Five lists on Fridays; recent lists include Jerry's top five favorite cars, Tony's top five essentials to have on tour, and Jacoby's top five bands to see live. Naturally, I had a top five question for Tobin: what are his top five albums of all time?

"When I started playing music, I was really into the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so Blood Sugar Sex Magik is important to me. I had a girlfriend at the time who was really into the Pixies, so Surfer Rosa was important to me [...]"

Check out the video below for the rest of Tobin's top five albums, and the complete interview. For pictures of the show at Metropolis, visit our Papa Roach photo gallery.

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