Top 13 Break Up Recovery Songs

Whether you just broke up or it's been a while, these songs will help you on your way to recovery

Breaking up sucks, but it happens to everyone. Unless you're one of those Forever Alone-types, you've definitely gone through at least one nasty breakup, leaving you in a not-so-mellow emotional state.

Much like any drastic change, there are certain stages one goes through after a relationship ends. First you're in denial, then you're sad, then a bit happy, then you're really sad, and after a few more ups and downs, you move onto acceptance. Everyone goes through the breakup-process, but you don't have to do it alone.

Let music be your guide during the post-breakup process, with our list of 13 songs to get you through every stage of a break up and onto your road to recovery. Covering every stage you're gonna go through after you get dumped, give these tunes a listen and know you're not the first one to feel so morose.

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Serena Ryder - Baby Come Back

The impossible has happened: you've just been broken up with. Why? How? What's even happening right now? You're head is reeling with so many questions and you simply NEED to call your now-ex constantly to get answers. Of course, they're not picking up, leaving you with even more longing. Serena Ryder gets it, and "Baby Come Back" will show you how you're not the only one hoping for someone to return to your arms.


Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

Darkness has crept into your soul, where once light was, and Bill Withers knows that feel better than anyone else. Withers knows there "Ain't No Sunshine" when she/he is gone, and now they won't even "be gone too long," they're gone for good. If anything, Withers doesn't even have it as bad as you do.


Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart

Your emotional state has improved enough that while you can recognize you once felt something akin to happiness, you're still plagued too hard with feelings of abandonment and dread to feel anything else. Or, in the world of the infamous Bonnie Tyler: once upon there was light in your life, but now there's only love in the dark. Damn, Bonnie, you really get it. Lets just hope your romance wasn't with some underage schoolboy likes Bonnie's seems to be in the video for this classic track.


Adele - Someone Like You

Okay, you're making some progress. Yes, your heart still calls for your lost love, but now at least you've realized that you'll (maybe) find someone just like your ex. Finding a carbon-copy of an ex isn't exactly healthy, sure, though the heart wants what it wants. Adele's "Someone Like You" perfectly captures that particularly feeling of betrayal and regret you get at this stage of a breakup, plus Adele's pain-filled vocals will let you join in some mutual commiseration.


Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

Remember that minor bit of progress you made back at the Adele-stage? Well that was never meant to last. You've already rebounded with a couple of replacements, and now you're realizing no one will ever be as great as your one-time love. So now you've deluded yourself this whole breakup is just a part of your story together, and you've decided to wait until your ex realizes what they've lost. Enter Whitney Houston's iconic "I Will Always Love You" (a Dolly Parton cover) that embodies your new and entirely insane mindset.


Lana Del Rey - Without You

Things are going to get dark well before they get brighter, so you mine as well embrace this new emotional low you're experience after you've come to fully realize you and your ex are over. Don't worry, the noir pop stylings of Lana Del Rey will ease your sorrow, somewhat. Just give "Without You" a listen, and while you won't feel any better, at least you won't be feeling any worse.


Cher - Believe

Do you believe in life after love? A little while ago, you would have said no. Now, at least, you're able to toy with the idea that it's a possibility. Something inside you may be saying you're not strong enough, but that's an improvement from the down-right no you had before. Besides, if Cher can do it, so can you.


Jessie Ware - Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe

The healing has finally begun. You may still think of your one-time lover on the regular, which is normal. At least now you've embraced the break up and you have "Jamie and Johnny and Jack" to keep you warm, just like they did Jessie Ware. Remember that just because you think of your ex at a rate of "Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe" at least you're admitting it now, which is better than outright denial.


Heart - What About Love

Here's a thought: maybe breaking up with you was THEIR loss. Yeah, that makes sense. They're the one losing out on love, so they can suck it and just be alone forever. Heart's "What About Love" will set you on that line of thinking even if you don't get there on your own.


HAIM - My Song 5

Well before you can really come to terms with your heartache ane become a fully-functioning person again, there comes the required "they were a freakin' bastard" part of the breakup process. Even if your ex wasn't all that bad, at this point in your recovery, you just need to vilify them to convince yourself you don't need them. Let HAIM's "My Song 5" help you out. The trio of sisters will have you glad that you're not anyone's "honey pie" anymore.


Banks - Before I ever Met you

All that love-fueled angst has finally left your system and you've stopped thinking of your ex as a being of pure evil. You're still hurting, but at least now you beginning to recognize that you two DID have some issues. If you can't see that for yourself, Banks' "Before I Ever Met You" will really shed some light on your past relationship. Or at least the track will remind you that breaking up is A LOT harder if you actually lived (or trained a dog) with a person.


The Raconteurs - Shades of Black

Just like there are many shades of black, there are many different kinds of people, and now you've actually gotten to the breakup-stage where you can actually get where your ex was coming from when they ended things. You two really are just two very different people that were wrong for each other. Maybe it wasn't as plain to you before, but now you can see it. Let the Raconteurs' "Shades of Black" usher in this momentous realization.


Flight of the Conchords - I'm Not Crying

Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself, and Flight of the Conchords' "I'm Not Crying" will have you giggling at yourself for being such a Debbie Downer for weeks on end. Have a laugh, because everyone goes through the whole breakup depression, and if you can't poke fun of yourself then maybe you're not really over your ex at all.

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