Phoenix's Ti Amo Now Streaming

Phoenix's Ti Amo Now Streaming

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Phoenix's long awaited follow up to 2013's Bankrupt! is now finally out and spoiler, it's not as disappointing as its predecessor. Released yesterday in every format imaginable, the album is a beautiful pop distraction to the darker political times that surround us. 

"“Ti Amo” is perhaps less about calamity, and more about the simple joys of pop music, as Mars sings about sipping prosecco while playing the Buzzcocks on the jukebox."  - PitchFork

"Even when you can't tell what Mars is singing about (which is a lot), the music radiates a suave majesty that feels universal." - Rollingstone (3.5/5)

"[..]while it may not be an instant classic, it also feels like required listening for a summer that seems destined to be sun-drenched and scary at the same time." - COS

You can find it on Amazon, stream or buy it via Apple or more conveniently, start by listening to it on Spotify below.


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