Billie Jean is Not My Cover

We've listened to a multitude of Billie Jean covers and present you with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Editor’s note: There are way too many covers of Billie Jean out there so we only posted the ones that were of interest.

Michael Jackson (The Original)

Chris Cornell (Acoustic reorganized)

Pros: The best of the covers, Chris brought emotion to the song.
Cons:  How is someone supposed to moonwalk to this?

Cobra Starship (acoustic cover)

Pros:  A unique take with a good musical arrangement.
Cons: Vocals are a bit weak sauce, lead singer sounds like he has hiccups.

Coldplay (acoustic cover)

Pros:  They managed to get the crowd really into it which is quite the feat considering how awful this cover is.
Cons:  The lack in Chris Martin’s vocal range couldn’t be more apparent in this cover.

David Cook (Chris Cornell Cover)

Pros: Nicely executed, strong vocals.
Cons:  It's not different enough from Cornell’s version

Amanda Palmer (Piano)

Pros: Billie Jean sounds great on piano.
Cons: The vocals aren’t as good as they could have been.

Jorge Drexler (Foreign acoustic Guitar cover)

Pros: Not applicable.
Cons: A huge mess, they’re singing over each other instead of in harmony. Jorge forgets the lyrics.

The Bates (punk cover)

Pros:  Good take and definitely louder than the original.
Cons:  Gets old pretty fast.

Madonna (pop)

Pros: The Queen of Pop covering the King of Pop; A perfect match.
Cons: At 30 seconds long, it’s a tease more than anything.

Suleman Mirza (???)

Pros: The only one of the covers listed here where the focus is on dancing.
Cons: I have no idea what they're saying, i'll assume that's Billie Jean in a foreign language.

Michigan Marching Band (Marching Band)

Pros: It’s a marching band!
Cons:  Was I the only one hoping for a moonwalk instead of them walking backwards?

Ian Brown (pop/dance cover)

Pros:  Vocals are surprisingly good, lyrics are altered slightly.
Cons:  Too much much much echo echo echo echo…

Random YouTuber named Aldrine (Ukulele cover)

Pros: It's a ukulele cover! Vocals are surprisingly good.
Cons: It's actually pretty decent considering it's from YouTube.

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