Can't Read My Poker Face Covers

Can't Read My Poker Face Covers

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Late last year, Lady gaga introduced her hit song Poker Face to much success. It was a dance song about bisexuality and gambling. In her own words, "it was a tribute to my rock 'n roll boyfriends". Since then, there have been many covers of Poker Face by several artists who aren't necessarily associated to dance music. Let's have a look:

The Original - Lady Gaga


The Acoustic

Pros: Wait, what? Is there no auto-tune on? Is she actually singing?

Cons: Because there's no upbeat music playing in the background, the corny lyrics really stick out.


Cartman (Rock Band faux cover)

Pros: It's Cartman singing Poker Face!

Cons: The song isn't available on Rock Band, sorry Cartman wannabes!


Christopher Walken (Reading version)

Pros: Christopher Walken can make anything funny, ANYTHING.

Cons: Only a minute long? We demand the whole song.


Babyman (Parody)

Pros: He sounds like a weird mix between the cookie monster and count von count.

Cons: It's actually more annoying than the original but that's the point.


The Shures and Nick Pitera (Slow)

Pros: The serious tone makes the mock even more funny.

Cons: The mystery is gone, we have found the gay rock n roll boyfriends Lady Gaga was talking about.


Daughtry (Acoustic)

Pros: Way better than Lady Gaga's acoustic take.

Cons: Someone needs to explain to Daughtry what a parody is.


Kid Cudi, Kanye, and Common (Hip Hop / Rap)


Pros: I'm surprised that isn't what the original sounds like given how hot hip hop and rap are.

Cons: Autotune must die.


Pixie Lott (Acoustic)

Pros: It's alright for what it's trying to be.

Cons: Not as good as Daughtry's version.


Faith No More (Rock)

Pros: Great Rock Mock, the exaggerated screaming part is great.

Cons: It sounded like they were going to take the song seriously during the intro.


Lady Gag (Butterface)

Pros: B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B Butterface!

Cons: Could have been a bit more funny.

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