The Best Montreal Festivals and Events of Summer 2017

If you live in the city or if you're planning on visiting Montreal in 2017, one thing is for certain -- there will be no shortage of events, festivals or activities. Summers are short in the city and Montréalers know how to make the most of the sunny days. This year is even more special as the city is sparing no expense in celebrating its 375th birthday. Here are some of the absolute must attend events in Montreal during summer…


First Listen: Phoenix's Ti Amo Now Streaming

Phoenix's long awaited follow up to 2013's Bankrupt! is now finally out and spoiler, it's not as disappointing as its predecessor. Released yesterday in every format imaginable, the album is a beautiful pop distraction to the darker political times that surround us.  "“Ti Amo” is perhaps less about calamity, and more about the simple joys of pop music, as Mars sings about sipping prosecco while playing the Buzzcocks…


Remembering Chris Cornell

They say, always make a good first impression. I still remember the first time I saw Chris Cornell live in concert. It was at a rather intimate venue. He walked to the stage sporting a well worn plaid shirt that he had likely gotten when he first formed Soundgarden and last washed when he was in Temple Of The Dog. His hair’s grease must have been there since the start of the tour. He was remarkably thin. He looked like a 90s grunge…

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Top Ten Songs About Time

With daylight savings time is just a few hours away, we here at UpVenue have made a playlist of our Top 10 songs about time. So before you "spring forward," take a look at the songs we've chosen. Let us know if we've missed any!

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The 35 Funniest Songs Of All Time

It’s well known that music can help people get into a good mood and that ability is amplified when the song itself is funny. If you’re trying to cheer yourself up or just looking for a quick laugh, then our list of the funniest songs of all time will definitely help you. If you think we missed a tune, let us know in the comments section below. To select our funny songs, we took a look at tracks that genuinely make us laugh,…


Soundgarden, Audioslave lead singer Chris Cornell has died

Audioslave, Temple of The Dog and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has passed away at the age of 52. His death has been described as sudden and unexpected by his inner circle. His wife is asking for privacy as a medical examiner is trying to determine the cause.    A mere hours before his concert in Detroit on Wednesday night, Chris tweeted “#Detroit finally back to Rock City!!!!”.    In 1991, Temple…


Feist Announces New Album: Pleasure

It's been a while since we last heard from Feist but that's about to change. Her fifth studio album, Pleasure, will is scheduled to be released on April 28th. There are also a handful of tour dates announced if you happen to be going to any of these festivals listed below. Pleasure 1. Pleasure 2. I Wish I Didn't Miss You 3. Get Not High, Get Not Low 4. Lost Dreams 5. Any Party 6. A Man Is Not His Song 7. The Wind 8.…

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Osheaga 2017 Lineup

Osheaga has always found clever and innovative ways to reveal their lineups and this year proves to be no different. By heading over to the official site, you'll be invited to play a memory game (requires a Facebook account). The game consists of visual and audio clues that you need to match in order to reveal the 2017 performers. The official full lineup will be announced on February 28th at noon but in the meanwhile, try…


Guns n' Roses' Massive Montreal Concert

Filling up an entire arena is a true sign of success for a band. Filling up a space typically used as the grounds for a festival puts you on a whole other level. Not too many bands have a strong enough pull to gather so many fans but a Guns N' Roses reunion? Now were talking. Their new tour Not in This Lifetime is making its way to Montreal in a brand new concert configuration at Parc Jean-Drapeau on August 19. 2017. This new setup can…


Behold, The Best Soundtrack You'll Listen To This Year

HBO's first season of Westworld has helped ease the pain of the imminent end of Game Of Thrones. It's a beautifully shot show, with fantastic acting (Spoiler: Anthony Hopkins will win an Emmy) whose narrative far exceeds those which the guests spend hundreds of thousands to experience. The scenes in the Marisposa saloon are my personal favorites -- Not because they revolve around Maeve's story arc but also because of the…

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Top 22 Songs That Make You Hate Autumn (Fall) Less

As summer comes to an end and autumn begins, it's only natural to start feeling a bit glum. After all, winter is coming and while it's only a few months long, it seems to last forever. We've gathered the 22 best songs about autumn and we guarantee you that they will help ease the pain. Okay, we don't guarantee it but they will at least help a little. We chose these autumn songs based on the theme of their lyrics, how fitting they are…


Bohemian Rhapsody now available in Virtual Reality

Brian May loves virtual reality. Brian May loves VR so much that he has created his own set of virtual reality glasses. The Queen guitarist has been working with Google to turn Bohemian Rhapsody into a VR experience for quite some time now.  Dubbed, The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience, the app is now available on Android smartphones and will also be hitting iOS very soon. The app is described by Google as a journey through…