Avril Lavigne's What The Hell Product Placement

Avril's new <strike>commercial</strike> music video has finally made its way to the internet.

It's been a while since we last heard from Canadian pop punk rocker, Avril Lavigne. The Skater Boi singer is back with a music video for her latest single, What The Hell.

The video, which inappropriately enough debuted on ABC Family's website, begins with Avril in bed with her boyfriend. After getting out of bed, she decides to go "crazy" which, in Avril's world, involves smashing up a car, doing some shopping, and avoiding her boyfriend. While What the Hell is a catchy tune much in line with the rest of the singer's past efforts, the whole thing feels like a four-minute commercial for her various business ventures, in addition to Sony and Converse.

Before we leave you with the video, here are our top 6 product placement spots in What the Hell.

6) Avril Lavigne's Own Perfume

5) Zoom-in to a Sony Bravia TV For No Reason

4) Back Side of a Sony Vaio Laptop

3) Row of Shoes with a Converse Star above

2) Avril Lavigne's clothing line: Abbey Dawn

1) Sony Erisson Phone front and back view bonus (Back shown)

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell Music Video

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