Top 10 Creepy and Scary Theme Songs

Top 10 Creepy and Scary Theme Songs



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We covered our favorite Halloween songs a couple years back, and as much as we like Monster Mash, it doesn't scream "scary." Horror movies and shows have done an excellent job at producing scores and soundtracks that are meant to scare the bejesus out of you. Whether you're looking for songs to scare off some Halloweeners or you just want to creep yourself out, these songs are a sure way to get some chills.

10- Candyman

The piano score of Candyman is so innocent yet totally creepy at the same time. There's something very clown-like with the score that makes us uneasy.

9- Unsolved Mysteries

Much of the success of Unsolved Mysteries stems from the fact that most people would believe anything that came out of the late Robert Stack's mouth. You can almost sense ghosts surrounding you when this song plays.

8- The X-Files

While every other entry here is either from a horror movie or relates to the death in some way, The X-Files was all about the paranormal. We've gotten over the fact that Fox Mulder is now a middle-aged sex addict on Californication, but the theme of The X-Files is still keeping us on our toes.

7- Nightmare on Elm Street

If the world can use more of one thing, it's serial killers with a sense of humor--okay, maybe not. Still, Freddy, this one goes out to you.

6- Children Of The Corn

There's something utterly spooky about kids singing the same simple syllables over and over. "Ah-Ah-Ah-Ahhhh Ah-Ah".



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