The Best Angry Music as Voted By Readers

Our readers list their favorite music that they like to listen to when they get angry and want to blow off some steam

When we create our lists, we scour through our playlists, we often debate our selections for hours and finally, we narrow it down to just a few tracks. Of course, when making a list and stamping them as the best in a category, some readers will agree while others will voice their disagreement.

We wrote an article a while back where we chose the top songs to listen to when you’re angry. We've gotten a lot of feedback since and we decided to compile a list of our readers’ favorite angry music. Our lists are numbered by default but they aren’t in any particular order in this case. If you think we missed some tunes, post them in the comments!


Be Quiet and Drive by Deftones

Voted by Kamil Terebus


You're Going Down by Sick Puppies

Voted by Kasey SodaPop Silva


Catch Me If You Can by Leathermouth

Voted by Jesse Walker


Home Nucleonics by Strapping Young Lad

Voted by Eric Hochwald


War Is The Answer by Five Finger Death Punch

Voted by Shawn Vincent Downing


Break You by Lamb Of God

Voted by Alex Mac Donald


Dogma by Marilyn Manson

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


The Reflecting God by Marilyn Manson

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


Lunchbox by Marlilyn Manson

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


Right now by KoRn

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


U Ain't Bout What U Be Talkin' Bout by Lil Boosie

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl's brother


Bad Things by Wednesday 13

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


The Final Episode by Asking Alexandria

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


Irresponsible Hate Anthem by Marilyn Manson

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


I'm Broken by Pantera

Voted by RockinMetal FanGirl


Bad company by Five Finger Death Punch

Voted by Albert Diaz


Fuck you by MODESTEP

Voted by Peter Greco


People = Shit by Slipknot

Voted by Jake Skibicki & Gavin Wilson


Die Mother Fucker Die by Dope

Voted by Tom Gibbs & Sean Gomez

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