20 Non-cheesy Christmas Songs That Rock

Christmas music doesn't need to be lame and cheesy. Here are some great Christmas tunes for any type of music lover.

Christmas is just around the corner which means department stores have been blasting the same cheesy music over and over since they put down their Halloween decorations. If you're tired of the same old Christmas time music than these 20 non-cheesy songs are for you. This Christmas playlist is perfect for people who love Christmas or loathe it; people who want to dance or people who just want to rock out. Note, while we've numbered this list, these are in no particular order.


Weezer - The First Noel

This is what happens when you take a classic tune and slap on an electric guitar to it. The effect is pretty mesmerizing actually.


The Smashing Pumpkins - Christmastime

Warning, this is not the Christmastime song you think it is. Christmastime by The Smashing Pumpkin is off a Christmas-themed compilation album created for the Special Olympics.


The Shins - Wonderful Christmastime

If my last entry by The Smashing Pumpkins brought you down, this Christmastime take by The Shins will get your spirits up again.


The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song

If you like this track by The Raveonettes, you'll want to take a look at the other three songs that are part of their four track EP titled Wishing You A Rave Christmas.


The Kinks - Father Christmas

Father Christmas tells the story of a department store santa who got mugged by a bunch of kids for his money instead of toys as it's more practical. It's also been covered a million times since was first released in 1977.


The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa

Here's one for the people who made it to the naughty list this year.


The Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo

Here's a fun fact, once a upon a time, The Flaming Lips released a Chrismas movie titled Christmas on Mars. This song is not from that movie.


RUN-DMC - Christmas in Hollis

I wasn't kidding when I said I had a track for every music lover. Here's a fun and funny classic tune by RUN-DMC.


Relient K - 12 Days of Christmas

Relient K have actually released two Christmas rock albums so far, pretty impressive (weird?) for a rock band.


The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

Slapped at the end of their Brain Drain album, The Ramones thanked their fans via this Chrismas song.


Pet Shop Boys - It doesn't often snow at Christmas

Here's a great track for euro-pop lovers out there who just want to dance around.


Pearl Jam - Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time)

Eddie Vedder brings us all back to our childhood days with his slow paced track Let Me Sleep.


No Doubt - Oi To The World

A punk rock take on Christmas? We'll take it.


Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds

Not entirely a Christmas song but more of a winter inspired one. This is a great alternative to rest of the pack.


LCD Soundsystem - Oh You (Christmas Blues)

Here's a truly original Christmas song. It's not the dance-blast type music you'd expect from LCD Soundsystem and it's definitely not a song you'll want to play while under the missle toe, unless you're into that sort of thing, I won't judge.


Jimi Hendrix - Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne

Perhaps one of the most electric takes of Little Drummer Boy out there. Be warned, it's an electric guitar orgasm.


Everclear - Hating You For Christmas

This one is for the ones who got their hearts broken near Christmas time.


Bob Dylan - It Must Be Santa

Here's Dylan's weird take on this Jewish Christmas song which was featured in his Christmas album Christmas in the Heart


blink-182 - I Won't Be Home For Christmas

This is pretty much what one would expect from a blink-182 Christmas song. This is for the narcistic ones out there.


!!! - And Anyway It's Christmas

!!! (Chk chk chk) have done a great job with this Christmas jingle which will get you dancing in no time. It helps if you look at the fire log and pretend that it's the one that's singing.

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