11 Most Overdone Karaoke Songs You Should Never Sing

Karaoke can be fun, but it can also be extremely annoying. Avoid playing these songs like the plague.

To some, karaoke is a magical experience that fuses libations and the joy of music. For others, its a terrifying experience riddled with the anxiety of performing. Those folks in the latter category are just wusses, because as we all know, karaoke is super fun, at least most of the time.

About 70% of a night out at a karaoke bar can be described as super fun, the other 30% is reserved for all of those unoriginal people who sing the same damn songs all the time. That's not saying they themselves always choose those tunes, it's just that EVERYONE does, and the crowd does not want to hear it. Make sure you're not a buzzkill at karaoke and avoid these 11 overdone karaoke songs like the plague.


Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Another song on the list of overdone duets, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" is the epitome of lame. Don't get me wrong, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" is a great song, it's just depreciated in value after thousands of middle-aged couples have performed the tune at karaoke throughout the years. Don't be a part of the problem and say no to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."


Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Dance tunes don't really translate all that well to karaoke, and while you can argue that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance isn't JUST a club song, you can't deny the inherent pop-ness to the track. And yet still people flock towards this single from the Gaga-canon. But far worse than Bad Romance's poor fit for a karoaoke setting is having to hear the performer belt out "Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!" throughout the song. Gaga can get away with basically sounding like an infant because she's that damn cool, you, on the other hand sound like an idiot.


I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

People who have actual vocal training, or just happen to know how to singe very well, are welcome at karaoke, obviously, just don't be a ham about it. Having someone with real singing talent can actually boost the energy in the room, if it's not too obvious the person is trying to impress everyone. But then there are the people who THINK they can sing, and go on to choose some sort of power ballad that will showcase their exquisite vocal talent. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston tends to be the most often chosen, especially if one of these thinks-they-can-sing singers has someone special in the crowd they want to impress. Instead of being a magically romantic moment fit for film, you have a crowd of people in sheer discomfort every time you try and hit a high note. Save everyone (and yourself) some trouble and just keep it low-key with your song choice.


Toxic - Britney Spears

For some, karaoke isn't just about letting loose and having a good time singing one your favourite songs. No, to many folks, karaoke is a time to impress everyone else in the bar, ideally leading to you getting some out of it. You've seen it before with those people who can ACTUALLY sing and feel the need to let everyone know, and you've seen it with the folks who choose a "sexy" song in order to get the hunnies in the crowd excited. Britney Spears' Toxic is almost exclusively used for the latter. Sometimes the method can work, if you have a decent voice and actual sex appeal. More often than not, the rendition is sloppy and filled with a sense of "trying way too hard right now." Just remember everyone: karaoke is not about being hot.


Hotel California - The Eagles

At first glance, Hotel California seems like it would be a solid karoake song. Everyone knows the tune pretty well, the vocals aren't too intense, you can seem both sexy and cool while singing, it all seems pretty good. What people tend to forget, is that the song has a friggen six minute run-time. And it's not as if the song really changes all that much from start to finish. By minute 3 the audience is already kind of board, then you need to awkwardly stand around during the guitar solo. Save yourself some embarrassment and just say no to Hotel California.


Kiss From A Rose - Seal

Season 3 of Community gave viewers so many magical moments, and thanks to the many fans who also partake in karaoke, the Kiss From A Rose duet between the Dean and Jeff has a bitter-sweet connotation now. Was the duet with matching outfits utterly hilarious? Yes. Has it inspired a bunch of not-quite-as-funny (nor musically talented) people to perform the Seal ballad at karaoke? Unfortunately, very much yes. Unless you're prepared to show some abs or you actually have some solid pipes, it's best to leave this Seal song alone.


Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot

White boys everywhere flock to Baby Got Back, and it's a problem. Maybe they're trying to tell everyone that they too love big booty'd women, or they're just trying to establish some cool-cred by karaoke'ing a rap song. Well, if you want to seem h-core, a Sir Mix A Lot song is not the way to go, and if you're going to do ANY rap track, you need to know all the words. What usually happens when a white boy (or almost anyone, for that matter) gets up to do Baby Got Back, you just hear a mumble through the verses, followed by a loud "Baby Got Back!" once the chorus hits. Study the lyrics, then come back and try again.


I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Somehow, every single woman (and more than a few men) in North America know all the words to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. Thus, they feel safe in performing the track any time a microphone is presented. No hate towards I Will Survive here, it's a great song, the only thing is, drunk women (and again, a lot of men too) feel the need to get super fempower when singing the song. Showcasing your independent womanhood while drunkenly singing a late 70s disco tune doesn't really fit, especially when your vocal skills aren't quite at the level of the lovely Gloria.


Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

Blame Family Guy, blame Glee, blame Journey themselves, but no matter who you point fault to, you will not escape Don't Stop Believin' if you go to a karaoke bar. No matter what you do, there will always be that one person who thinks "oh i don't know what to sing. I'll just choose something everyone knows and loves already." Somehow, that person's mind goes to Don't Stop Believin' every single time. The first twenty times you heard this song it was kind of fun, now it's just utterly annoying. The only saving grace is that no matter what, everyone in the bar will begin singing along, thus drowning out the performer. Unfortunately, this emphatic sing-along only cements the belief in the singer (and everyone else present) that "everyone loves Don't Stop Believin'" It's a vicious cycle that must be put to an end.


Grease - Summer Nights

Duets are fairly common at a karaoke spot, allowing those who are a bit too shy to go solo to be backed up by their boo/bestie. Unfortunately, there aren't too many solid duet songs, so the same ones tend to get recycled ALL the time. Case in point: Summer Nights, from the classic musical Grease. A rendition of Summer Nights wouldn't be so bad if any of the males who ever karaoke'd the song were half as swag-tastic as late 70's Travolta, or if the ladies performing had any of the vocal talent (or adorable-ness) of Olivia Newton John. Then there's the fact that we've all heard Summer Nights since we were literal infants, and when you already have a film rendition committed to memory, you don't need a sloppy karaoke duo ruining the classic.


SexyBack - Justin Timberlake

In my opinion, not even JT himself has the amount of sex appeal he tries to claim ownership of in SexyBack, so in reality, what chance do you have of living up to the claims made in the song? That's right, none. In most cases, the fellas who perform SexyBack (and there are quite a few) don't bring anything back in, they tend to usher out any marginally sexy thoughts right out the back door. Worst of all, SexyBack is generally accompanied by incredibly bad JT-esque dance moves performed by guys who only think they can dance when they're drunk. Sorry boys, but it's the same as when you're sober: you can't dance and you should never even try to bring sexy back.

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