9 Film Soundtracks That Were Better Than The Actual Movie

A perfect film doesn't only include amazing performances, a compelling narrative, and captivating cinematography, it also needs a masterfully crafted musical score.

Listen to the Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Zero

A new mixtape is now is now available for free streaming thanks to the movie director James Gunn

New Song By Soundgarden For The Avengers

Soundgarden is releasing a new song, Live To Rise, for The Avengers Soundtrack. Evanescence and Kasabian will be feature as well.

Portishead To Release Fourth Album

Geoff Barrow has confirmed that Portishead will return with a fourth studio album

Listen to Arcade Fire's new song: Abraham's Daughter

Arcade Fire release a new track titled Abraham's Daughter from the movie The Hunger Games

Tracklist for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Released

The soundtrack for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon features Paramore, Goo Goo Dolls, Staind, Linkin Park and more

Californication's Queens of Dogtown Cover Plush

Their latest track is an accoustic rendition of a Stone Temple Pilot classic.

Best Ending Credit Songs in Movies

Reading people's names shouldn't be as boring as it sounds.